Opening the Door into Feelings …

As I sit, I listen. I listen to music that draws emotions from within me. Emotions that bring feelings. I linger yet do not remain for there are other melodies that bring an even richer palette of feelings from within. It is what music does for me … opens doors … stimulates visions … brings forth feelings … helps me make choices. It enables me to be the feelings man I am becoming … it enables me to touch pockets of my past and open myself for inspection … inspections using the feelings as the means of exploration. An interesting process … but one I sincerely want and replicate often now. For I wish deeply to be a man of deep, rich feelings.

And I move toward moments … ever closer to important life moments where my feelings will be touched and torched. It signals my movement in a direction touching my soul … it illuminates the path I’m meant to travel … it tells me I am indeed alive and on a journey. Feeling deeply means I am deeply alive … it is now my formula for life and for living.

So … this is my morning.

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