“Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” – Frank Herbert

Another Door Opens While One Begins to Close …

Today was BIG! It was a day that I’ve reflected on many hours … a day I’ve talk about with my trusted spiritual partner many more hours … a day I’ve read about to better understand, and diagramed and planned and projected. I’ve done all those things and in the moment of today … the moment where all the preparation came together in one instant of communication … the moment where I announced my intentions to retire … it came down to one very simple thing: Being together with people you love and respect, and telling them you are moving on.

It was hard. Very hard yet very important. They were the first to know … my choice as a way to pay respect to this “family” I belong to daily … this “Tribe” I was gathered with in this moment. This Tribe … this group of people which has my deepest respect and admiration … this fellowship I’ve spent the past 2+ years with daily … these people did things they never had done before, and did them superbly. Daily they each stepped forward, acquired new skills and abilities, and demonstrated their commitment to excellence, collaboration, and teamwork.

Yes, I had to tell them I was moving on. There were some tears … some genuine but forced congratulations … some shared moments expressing feelings and gratitude … and there was a sense of loss shared among all of us in the room. They are my team … my Tribe … my friends, comrades, and family who have walked together with me over these past 2+ years engaging so many challenges of technology.

And me … privileged to walk among them … now walks toward a new life and challenge. Today was hard leaving this wonderful team but doing so moves me in the direction my heart yearns to go. Today I opened a new door and began to step through it into the unknown. And as I did, an old, familiar door began to close. The closing of a chapter of my life that gave me such incredible richness … which taught me that its people that create the feelings that fill your heart with joy, and sharing life’s adventures with such people makes life well worth the price of admission.

So my new adventure begins … my Tribe changes … and life moves on. Change … more change … and even more hidden ahead in the shadows of the future. Change … the heartbeat of life …

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