“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Desmond Tutu

Bro …

I love you Bro … young brother of mine.  Past posts have surfaced our connection now that we move through our journeys more mature and understanding of family and the gift it offers in one’s life.  And now you return because you remain in battle for life and health.  Over these many months you’ve been a warrior whose battle never ends.  You and your loving wife have pressed forward, taking each day and its challenges with grace, courage, and tenacity.  As you now continue your fight trying to regain health that is slipping away from you, you still amaze me with your courage, resilience, and spirit of lightness.

The journey you’ve walked these past many months would have broken many, and the burdens of fear and concern weigh very heavily upon your shoulders.  You’ve shouldered your burdens … shouldered them by choice knowing how hard the journey becomes when traveling through this darkened landscape.  Even knowing this you step forward again and again … taking another step again and again … showing such deep strength beneath the surface of a body struggling to recover and heal.  The image you cast for us outside your world is one that inspires.  Those you touch willingly love and support, and my name is added to that long list of those souls lined up to cheer and encourage your journey.

But even more … I have learned how one can carry themselves through adversity with loving spirit and equanimity.  A special “step” as you walk that teaches those like me how to better navigate while clarity remains out of reach.  Hope, faith, and intension drive such steps while one’s energy to take them is fed through love.  Such a valuable lesson I learn as I witness your journey these days.  You are indeed a gifted teacher Bro, and my heart connects to you each day with thoughts of support and wishes that your journey allows you to walk deeper and deeper into the sunshine of health and joy.

Bro … thank you for teaching me … thank you for being family … thank you for being “Bro” …

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