Meaningful Acts of Learning …

As I begin to move through my new life transition, I see differently … I feel differently.  I feel “freer” to express my beliefs more clearly and strongly … beliefs on what’s best for the tribe I leave and the context that will surround them.  Much will be triggered as I move through my transition these next few months.  I can already feel it, some of which was triggered yesterday as processing began and tasks arose which were all focused on how I will leave my tribe for the next chapter of their story, and leave my career for the next expedition of my life.

I search for clues … clues that tell me if what I now says matters … clues that tell me what might “be” once I depart in terms of leadership and care afforded my tribe … clues that might reveal the true substance of those charged with ensuring the well-being of those once in my care … clues that reveal if I am seeing through non-judgmental filters into the world that will remain after I depart. And I must listen … listen to the stories and fears from all sides … so that my picture reflects a broad collage of everything touching everything.  It all matters … it all relates.

Much is unknown … simply guided by intention and faith.  I must see, take in, assess, and understand deeper than before because time ticks away and even though I cannot control outside forces, I can control what views and information I impart and how it is framed.

I am surprised by my calmness and that there are only brief moments where a fear pops up needing to be seen, understood and explored, then gently set aside as I continue my journey into the unknown.  Maybe it’s because I am more open … emotionally receptive to what occurs around me due to my pending life change.  Maybe I continue to change and stand each day somewhere different from which to view my surrounding world.  It is early in my new journey … I have much to learn as I now begin … I will step forward … and I know changes are all around me waiting to present themselves and reveal new feelings, and inner awareness and understanding.

What an adventure …

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