A New Song Continues …

Life continued its song today … in ways similar to many days I’ve walked. As I began my day I listened to my soothing music … sipped my coffee … and felt “feelings” within me I saw in my mind many images. One special image, of a loved one so very dear to me, created such wonderful warmth inside me. Such a wonderful way to begin a day … a day spent in change. My life … filled with such richness in these current moments … and made even richer by images creating such feelings is so good in these daily moments walking my journey upon this green and blue globe.

Yes … Life continues its song today … and even within “sameness” the rhythm varies, influenced by my growing sense of life change. I move towards the door … the door leading to some unknown yet desired place. Some moments I sense a touch of fear but it quickly is dissolved by the excitement of the new adventure waiting for me. It is becoming an interesting blend of feelings. It is becoming part of this new journey-within-a-journey, and it colors me as I open myself to more change. Each day … something good getting better …

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