“For my own personal growth I had to set out on my own.” – Frank Press

The Early Steps into the New …

I continue to walk these first, few new steps into my new life since retirement. Old stories push me to plan and structure so that I “know” my direction and control the journey taken. Wisely, I’m able to detect then gently set aside such urges … for my purpose now is to simply “be” and provide myself a graceful transition … precious time.

Time allows so many things. Its buffet of moments allow me to reflect, ponder, reframe, and occasionally nap as I sense feelings from change. My intention is to take in these early, new feelings and use them as ingredients for my new emerging life. Take the wisdom and insights they reveal and allow movement into my future … rhythmically … like a dance where the music resonates but the steps are unknown, only revealing themselves in the moment.

It has been one week … one week from stepping through a new doorway while closing an old.  And as my new dance begins to take form … as I begin to feel my emerging rhythm of new opportunity … my trust continues that my new future will reveal itself more clearly. This morning seems different because it is the first day of my new journey where an inner voice is beginning to whisper alignment and shapes of the future … I sense the beginning of form.

Yes, it is still quite early in my process but it has begun. It now remains my task to allow the future to form while I remain in the moment … live attached to each day and minute in which I stand … experience all it tells me so that I may use it in the mixing of the recipe for my future. It “feels” like a spiritual journey … and indeed it has become such even amidst my more non-spiritual movement through life.

Hear the music … sense the movement … learn the steps … and live in the moment …

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