“Meow” means “woof” in cat.” – George Carlin

Roommates …

As the time changes and a new month begins, I am about to step in a dramatically new direction.  Two cat brothers raised together from birth and recently abandoned will join me as together we navigate living in collaboration … building a new relationship … discovering new connection.  A loving and temporary caretaker has enabled them to transition through their fears as I prepared to bring them into my small yet welcoming environment.  Not since the passing of my dog buddy Boss some years ago have I ventured into the role of pet guardian, but now the time seems right … flexibility, time to focus, a new life phase beginning … all seems right to explore this new opportunity for connection.

Though excited and pleased with what is unfolding, I have learned from my journey to have no expectations … just intentions to create a safe and loving space for us to thrive, and discover and define what will be right for us all.  I offer space for them to grow … they offer me the same.  Where such growth takes us all will be revealed over time.  Where once I would have set goals and charted courses, I now create opportunity and let go so that more natural forces may influence the results.  There is no “time” here … simply a place for change to occur.  The rest will be revealed as a story is revealed with each turning of a page in a new book.  I’ve learned … I’ve seen through eyes of fascination the artwork of allowing things to unfold.  It has been one of the “big” lessons learned along my journey, and continues to be as I walk and live.

So me and ‘da boys will hang out today … taking small, initial steps towards our shared adventure.  And what an exciting time we will have … going somewhere unknown and meant to travel together.

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