“In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” – Terry Pratchett

A month away from the writing of my expressions and experiences … time away to continue my journey as I drift until once again able to gain focus.  Thirty some days offering inner fog to clear so as to once again write and share thoughts heard and felt from within. How a month seems like the blink of an eye when seen from a life’s distance.  And though I may think I retreat, each day that passes flips a page in my life’s novel … and the sense of time passing around and over me grows stronger.

And in this moment here I sit … just as though I had photographed my intention then painted it with vibrant colors of creation.  My peaceful music playing, me typing my inner voice, and my new roommates ‘da Boys resting nearby.  Ollie and Pippin, now the cats of the house.  It’s exactly as I had envisioned when visualizing what might “feel good” with pet partners living with me.  It is amazing, and the sense of peace is noticeable to say the least.

Beginning as fearful visitors hiding beneath my bed, my new roomies now consistently follow me out into the living room and ventured deeper into the kitchen with greater confidence.  They are exploring every corner of my world here, beginning in broad strokes but returning for the details. I sit and watch the boys explore, and relax into the healing music I often play.  It creates within me a sense of peace … a calm inner being that fills me.  It tunes me … like a sensitive pitch fork helps tune a piano.  It allows me to move into my world more confident that I may remain in the moment and encounter each step as its own, not burdened by the past or future.  A choice made … feelings felt … a message given that with a vision and intention small acts can create desired moments.  A lesson … a reminder … a formula worth remembering as I walk my journey.

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  1. I’m happy to see you are back to the writing. And, it sounds like all the boys are getting along just dandie. What a pleasure it must be.

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