“Painful though parting be, I bow to you as I see you off to distant clouds.” -Emperor Saga


The passing of a brother …

I just received a powerful phone call.  My brother’s wife called to say that he had passed away, losing his battle with liver failure and a systemic infection acquired post-transplant.

She’s suffering and mourning but was kind enough to call and inform me.  Now we all will travel our journeys in our own way to process loss and form memories that will frame and recall his life and our connection with it.

His suffering was great, living many, many months with a body fighting for life yet failing a bit more each day.  Liver failure has a way of eroding one in terrible ways.  Yet throughout his journey to the “now”, he fought the good fight, empowered himself to do what he could, and accepted the rest … much of it saturated in overwhelming pain and discomfort.  His wife traveled alongside him as well, mounting her own fight and lifting her own burden.  Their journey is one to be admired for the courage it displayed.

Oh my loved brother … Please hear these words I was unable to say before you began this new journey …

I have seen … and learned … what courage is from someone willing to fight the good fight to the end.  You have acted in love, dignity, and strength throughout the many, many months that consumed you and your body.  Your life will end stronger for it, even if your body failed.  My memories of you are the day you and I spent in Chula Vista during my last visit watching old Sci-Fi movies.  I felt connected … I felt shared love … and it was such fun.  Those memories will stay with me through my remaining days … and I am thankful I had those moments with you.  It was a wonderful gift.

You will be always loved “bro”.  I will wish there had been more moments, but I now let go of you and accept what is in this moment.  You are missed … you will be missed.  And you will be forever loved.

Goodbye my friend …

Goodbye my dearly loved brother …

May the winds of the Universe carry you on into eternity.  Your presence made a difference in the lives of many … and made a difference in my life.

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