Steve’s mountain

“The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.” – Robert M. Pirsig


What a glorious day …  out in the fog, wet, cold, and biting wind.  All made me feel alive.  It seemed perfect for whatever I needed because it resonated deeply as I roamed the hills and grasslands of the coast.  As I roamed I sought high ground … some high point lost in the fog that was hugging the land around me.  An inner voice said “go up … soar” and so the high ground was found.

As I topped the final few steps to stand above all else around me I felt an overwhelming sense that this was Steve’s Mountain.  Yes, this was my mountain, Steve’s Mountain, in this unique moment on the continuum of moments comprising my life. And with no other human in sight I declared it as such.

Recognize that this is not an “official” designation.  Steve’s Mountain won’t pop up on a GPS unit. And yes, other boots have surely found their way to this spot at the top, and other boots will likely do so in the future.  But in this moment … in this “NOW” it was my boots that stood at this place, allowing me to stand tall, outstretch my arms, and invite the bite of the cold, wet wind … usher it in so that I could feel it pierce right into my soul.  It dove deep … very deep … and felt ever so good.  My soul was energized … my soul was at peace … my soul felt renewed and fresh and equipped to take on another day.

Yes, what a glorious day this was.

One thought on “Steve’s mountain

  1. Steve’s Mountain, what a great find!
    Sounds like you are digging in and opening up simultaneously. Is this what cleaning out the inside to make room for what might be discover outside is like?

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