Another retreat … and the healing silence that isn’t

“Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.” – Francis Bacon


I am once again on my personal retreat … an event begun last year and now an annual tradition providing an opportunity to realign, discover, understand, and grow within.  And as I stepped out at the beginning of my first day I heard in the quietness the “silence that isn’t”.  This unique silence helps me peel away society’s layer of noise and interference.   It helps me remove and scrub clean the stories overlaid upon me by reunions with my past and new circumstances surrounding me so that my true inner self … my core … is reveal for review, assessment, and understanding.

And you may ask … What is this strange “silence that isn’t”?  It is simply the silence that lies beneath society’s turbulence …it is the silence of nature.  Though some might say it is quiet here, much is detectable.  The songs and rantings of the raven, the caroling of geese, the surges and muffled roars of distant waves, and the rustling of branches as the wind seeks passage are only a few of the many sounds of nature’s special silence.

And it is this wonderfully unique silence that is the gift given me during my retreats.  As I listen deeply so much is revealed, and in the process my inner self is exposed.  Those pieces of me that go underground as I live day-to-day, and now re-emerge to remind me of my truer essence.

Yes, much is revealed during my retreat, in its hiking or just in its “being”.  My retreat allows time to feel and experience … my retreat allows me another opportunity to understand my inner self … my retreat gives me new, needed space and a momentary life running at a different pace … a pace where discoveries occur.  And with these discoveries comes a different, more understood, and more self-loved me.

There is something … an ability to process more intensely and deeply … that only comes when one faces each hour alone and does so in a setting that truly resonates with one’s soul.  When no opportunity exists to get lost in conversation, the dialog begins within and this is my time for such conversation.  Such a wonderful gift this “silence that isn’t”.

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