Bring on the change …


I began this new year … this artificial yet significant boundary … feeling dramatic change was at my door waiting to knock, enter, and pull and twist me in many new and life changing directions.  So I embraced the feelings, opening myself to what might unfold and promoted my intention to not resist those changes coming my way. The intention felt “right” and even though I have at times been awash in change over the past year or more, this coming time was signaling to me that “I ain’t seen nothing yet”.  So I consciously “signed up” for the ride.

I felt this coming.  I heard the message for at the end of December I wrote

I awake on the cusp of a new year.  A moment artificially defined yet carrying significant symbolism.  A moment offering the opportunity to assess, reframe, and move forward with new energy and intentions. 

And as this new year approaches, the sense of entering yet some new period of change increases.  More and more I sense my personal canvas clearing, poised and ready to accept fresh images and expressions. 

It all flows within me, exists in the moment, and causes me to feel the joy of being alive. 

And as I stand at this final day of January I realize that the wave of change I sensed was approaching is arriving.  Increasing joy from post-retirement work and the people filling that space flows ever stronger, as do the challenges in the assignment.  New relationships … some now established, some morphing, and some desired … have and will bring new, deep richness into my life.  And folded into it all is the celebration of my brother’s life … done to soften the pain of his passing.  Yes, this first month of this new year has lived up to my intentions … lived up to providing a rich, full, and dramatic source for life change as I walk my journey.

All these and more have manifested themselves in this initial month of this new year.  And I welcome them … encourage them … wear them proudly as I express my desire to the greater power that I want even more change.  More change … for it brings to my life feelings and the desire for feelings … rich, powerful, and passionate feelings.  And it’s the change that brings such feelings.

I have discovered that my life is all about feelings, and that deeply experiencing them means living life.  And I am at a time in my life where I want to live life as fully as possible … I wish to open more and more to new, fresh, and rich opportunities … so I seek feelings … intense feelings … and seek change as the known catalyst for such feelings.

It is one quest of many driving my life in this moment.  A life that is rich, passionate, and meaningful.  Ahh … I am such a lucky man …

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