Touching my morning pathways …

“The secret of success is to be in harmony with existence, to be always calm to let each wave of life wash us a little farther up the shore.” – Cyril Connolly

A strong sense continues to rise.  I am in transition, movement that is intensified by recent life changes and the feelings they create.  There seems to be many “things” each morning that compete for my attention.  Bills and the mechanics of life usually call, but so do things that nurture my spirit in more emotional ways.  And some are reminders that in life, people add substance and meaning … people and the connections they evoke and create.  Sensitive connections that are special because they have meaning and remind me of my changing life and the reframing underway.

How can one’s life require so many touch points in order to move forward day-to-day?  At times it “feels” like a shattered mirror scattered upon my table … each jagged piece reflecting a part of me … so much to organize, no clear beginning, and little sense that my effort will result in wholeness.  And while I drift and work with these sensations I also realize that it is simply the way things are … what is.  It is how this time on this planet operates … the same yet different for each human standing on the surface.  Acceptance … seems to be one of today’s themes and the renewing of my belief that all is as it is meant to be … and is good.

So I will venture into another day.  This one will be a bit different for it will begin by spending more time looking inward.  I’ll ask “have I reached out with kindness” and apply that criteria with more awareness as the day unfolds.  A day of variety.  A day of reflection and renewed commitment.  A day of discovery.  A day of feelings both fresh and revisited.

I am engaged in my own retuning … discovering the kind and nature of my self-instrument then setting off to harmonize it to its natural and unique sounds.  It is work made joyful when the thrill is felt while discovering something new about me … something more revealed as my years move forward into my future.

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