A week challenging beliefs …

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

It has indeed been a week like no other in my memory.  The election, its conclusion, and its continued drama and surprises surfaced many emotions, and fears swelled as I revisited old ways of dealing with undesirable changes … ways that resist “what is” and create fears.  A close, trusted, and wise friend reminded me of alternatives to those old ways … alternatives recognizing that it is only what we do as individuals that is truly under our control, and that my life’s experience has shown that there is a purpose (though sometimes a bit hazy) for what happens.  So I work to move myself to once again turn to the belief that the universe has a purpose for all that unfolds.

And though I resist, I know that I need to accept and seek what’s good in the unclear haze of what is ahead.  I must trust in our country’s system, seemingly flawed as it is yet still driven by our collective community making a choice.  And the people chose … made a choice creating the result.  Even those deciding not to vote helped make the choice, enabling a majority to be reached by lessor means.  Yes, in one manner or another we all engaged and the result is the result.

Many messages … many stories … much hurt … many fears … and much, much more lies underneath the actions taken by us all last Tuesday.  As we chose to speak, we now need to choose to accept.  Accept that our process has created a result, and our collective contract of citizenry requires us to embrace it the best we can and make it whole … as good as we as individuals can make it.  It is our role … our contribution to being part of our form of democracy and freedom.

So I am moving to embrace what is, to train my focus on what might be good from what is, accept, and trust in that which is beyond me.  A new story is about to be formed, told, and archived … and my thoughts will do much to form and make it better than what ever might have been expected.  It’s my part in the bigger whole …

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