The clock you cannot wind …

I’ve been on something like a journey … moving forward, changing, but at times getting lost in the fog that sometimes overtakes lives.  Expressing and sharing myself through words fell away for some time, though words continued to fill my head and move my emotions each day.  It’s just that recording them for myself and others no longer drew me.  However, as with many ailments, time heals with fresh growth, and time now has moved me to a place once more ready to express myself and display my thoughts on the shelves of my blog.  Time also moves me to “change” … morph the flavor and look of my shelves into a new form offering new architectural placement of content and color.  Change … growth … and willingness (and practice) at letting go of “what was” moments ago in order to move on to what’s offered from the next.

Like a clock that can’t be wound, our lives tick each day … moving hands a little further across a face without numbers yet defining our personal “day” given us by the universe, the creator, or simply the cosmic force.  We wake … we become aware … we let go … and we pass in a way and at a time unknown.  It seems we are simply a passenger, at times trying to influence the movement and destination of the train but in reality only along for the ride.  And it “feels” like the more I embrace my role as the “passenger”, the freer my life becomes.  Maybe it is that acceptance … fully and with all my being … that will eventually empower me for the remainder of my journey.

But the clock ticks, and life’s train continues along the track.  And even though only a passenger, I can make choices at each tick of the clock that allows me to experience a ride uniquely mine … choose a seat that offers comfort … gaze out a window at a scene creating inner peace … pick a fellow passenger to engage with … decide how I will walk down the aisle … and many more.  I may not know the destination, but I certainly can add color to the pallet of the ride getting there.  And add color I shall …

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