Stories …

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” – Drake

Life’s a journey comprised of stories.  Some stories lead to sequels while others play out quickly within only a few paragraphs.  And within our personal stories lies the stories of others … points of connection adding richness to our journey.  And as I sit on the ledge of 2016, I look back as many do.  How was my journey in 2016?  What were some of the lessons learned?  Did I succumb to fears or step into them with courage?  And is there some thought … some piece of wisdom I might carry with me as I walk this coming path into 2017.

Among this year’s stories that touched me most was one wrapped in sadness.  A close co-worker’s passing … a young woman in her mid-50s.  Her chapter reflects a “story within a story” too quickly ended.  She succumbed to cancer over the holidays and at work, many of us gathered around a table one morning and shared what endeared her to us … what positive qualities remained strongest in our memories.  Some shared the personal pain still being navigated, and as I work my way along with other co-workers through the stages of grief and loss, I personally reflected on my belief that all has purpose.  Though the clarity still escapes me through the fog of resistance, her passing simply “is” and no effort or wishes will change what is.  And for me, the lesson is acceptance … acceptance mellowed by the thoughts of her enriching qualities and how I might apply that lesson as I step into my future.

Acceptance … embracing the true essence of the universe.  Acceptance that life remains a one-way journey without guarantees, instilling upon those with wisdom that each moment needs to be felt and lived fully. That fears need to be set aside so that new doors always crack open and personal journeys are freshened by new experiences and feelings.  And that life is built and formed through connection … connection to the planet and connection to those walking upon it.  And that through connection, memories are planted and grown, lessons offered  and learned, and feelings exchanged on many levels.  Connection … the “boots” that leave the footprints of our journey as we look back while moving forward with mindful choices where each step is placed.

A life … a story built upon other stories … moving at a cadence and for a duration outside our control but always felt …

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