The opening of doors …

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” –Unknown


Change has been my companion for several years now.  I’ve written about it several times within this chronicle from many different directions.  At first, I resisted it thinking that “stability” was life’s goal for living a good life.  Since those earlier days, I’ve come to find out that it is not true for me … my life actually thrives on change and the renewed awareness, self-growth, and new life experiences it brings.  Yes, pockets of “stability” are needed and may be nurtured, but it needs to be blended with healthy portions of change for my life to be lived richly and holistically.  And change offers an added bonus.  Change pushes open new doors … doors leading to adventures revealing totally unanticipated aspects of myself, and doors leading to rich, loving, and joyful experiences that would have been otherwise missed on life’s journey.

And of all the treasures offered by change, the one I find most exciting is the opening of doors.  It’s made change an even closer friend than before.  It’s like a sweet, rich piece of candy unwrapped and handed to me … one that is now my favorite.  Each day I seek opportunities where tossing in some unanticipated changes (planned changes too) might open a door to some new side road on my journey.  Each road offering a chance to enrich my life in ways never dreamt.  Roads that may be smooth, or unpaved and rough, but still incredibly rewarding because they contribute to what’s necessary to give me something desired, or provides some surprise that stirs my soul.  And it’s that soul stirring thing … the swirling that emanates from deep within, that reflects deep emotions and connectedness … that creates this wonderfully magical feeling within me.  And it’s my firm belief that “soul stirring” creates a life well lived.

So … I now try energizing my life through change.  I use that delicious piece of candy as a tool.  I blend change with touches of stability as I morph myself to increase my joy from living a meaningful life.  Change that creates surprises and opens doors into opportunities never thought about but now joyfully lived.  Let’s hear it for “change” … !!!  Oh boy … there goes another door … “squeak” …

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