The freedom to speak from my heart …

“When you speak with your heart as your trusted friend, you will find all the goodness and wisdom, and you will know the truth.” – Gwen Boudreau


Recently my journey has revealed a subtle yet important internal shift.  I am developing the freedom to speak from my heart.  It’s a noticeable difference and a wonderful feeling each time I now express a thought, or respond to a question, or simply carry on a dialog, knowing it’s content sincerely reflects the way I “feel” and not some external story.

It’s taken time and effort to connect the pathways between feelings and expression so that it becomes my natural way of being.   As with any skill, conscious practice enables a new behavior to become a habit so that it operates at almost a subconscious level.  And working in partnership with practice is trust … trust that my feelings are real, and trust that using my feelings is the way to navigate my life.  And the “dots” connecting my feelings and words … these pathways are now increasingly clear and sharply connected, creating this new, observable and freshly felt freedom of genuine expression.

Though now a process used often, it remains a work in progress.  As such, questions still arise such as “How does it change my movement through life and the world?”  And as I look deeper to offer answers to such inquiries, I see this increasingly direct connection delving ever deeper into my heart and clearing fragments of old obstacles that filter or color the purity of what is retrieved.  I clearly “feel” that which is revealed, and even more clearly “feel” what is directed from the heart to the outside world.  And each utterance is surrounded by an intense sense of calm, lightness, and brevity.  It “feels” like it flows directly from mind-thought to utterance, smoothly and without residual friction … feeling effortless, unfiltered, and immediately and enthusiastically released.

And how did I achieve it?  Yes, through my personal work but also through my choice to seek immersion into a life experience that saturates my mind with all that resonates for me … saturates my total daily experience with an avalanche of triggers that inflame intense good feelings … inflames feelings that have been sought for many years but only now are being realized.  And as I stand in that place, life becomes flooded with rich moments offering the purest feelings of what’s whole within me.  The lightness of seeing and feeling my inner joy … and expressing it as I connect with all around me.  Such a wonderful song to hum as I continue walking my journey …

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