The plight of a urban mountaineer …

“Oh, these vast, calm, measureless mountain days, days in whose light everything seems equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us God.” –  John Muir


Another sunrise … one recently experienced as I joined close friends camping in the lower sierras for several days.  Another sunrise … one purchased by rising early to take in the unique, golden glow offered me by a beautiful location among the pines and granite.

Sitting here in my beloved sierras, the emotions within me expand and swell.  Early rising had offered me a spiritual window made of stained glass colored in greens, oranges, yellows and soft whites.  A window flowing with colorful essence and allowing witness to the sun rising over the granite ridges and blessing the world beyond.

Another sunrise … a gift from the universe that now means much more than in earlier years.  Another day to spend wisely since the days ahead of me are far fewer than the days fading on the trail I leave behind.  Another moment … to allow what beauty and energy it brings to penetrate my soul and release feelings demanding me to answer a call … a beckoning to “go and venture” into the high country where each breath brings such deep, rich good feelings.  Feelings that within this “urban mountaineer” offers immense impact upon a soul and heart in a humble man of 7 decades.

And with this sunrise, the rays of sun write their good tidings before me.  A message only shared when I stand within the cathedral of the granite gods.  But the ink of the sun’s writings quickly fades and never returns in quite the same way.  And I realize this moment was a message, personally delivered to me with the intention that I take in these moments … this sunrise … this brief, faint scene … and soak in the joyously rich feelings gifted me by the universe. Let it reach down and change me … change not only my thoughts but my being.

I’ve come to learn that when my inner music plays so loudly … when my internal compass spins then points so clearly towards a chosen horizon … I must answer.  It signals the direction of my true essence … some part of me that reaches to the ends of every root that plants me to this spinning sphere of clay and magma.

So I must go … take small steps to bring small feelings of increased excitement and joy.  Take steps … a day dream … a calendar entry … a talk about plans … a picture on my desktop … a reservation … piling clothes and equipment together in a place where more action is taken.  All and more … acts creating movement towards the compass heading leading me to immerse myself once more in nature and to stand among the granite gods in their domain.  Go and not only stand among the gods but allow their domain to become mine.  Yes, this urban mountaineer must go, and will soon go, and will rejoice as he joins the chorus of nature’s choir of rock, trees, and sky.

3 thoughts on “The plight of a urban mountaineer …

  1. So unbelievably beautifully written Steve. Your internal awareness and joy coupled by your paintbrush which colors words so well written is a joy to read. L

  2. Beautifully written Steve … I am sure many people have seen the “granite gods”, the sunrise, and the beauty of the Sierras, but not taken it in nor described it as eloquently as you have. I share your appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us — especially in an area as beautiful and mystifying as the Sierras. Loved reading this!

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