Aging as change not loss …

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”Betty Frieda


As I travel my wonderful one-way life journey, I see, hear, feel, and learn.  My journey now takes me through a special path of life, walking the “valley of aging”.  And though I sense many side trips await, its focus seems to be to understand a larger process which many times confuses, frightens, and overwhelms.

Many view aging as an unwanted, greatly feared diminishment.  I certainly began my trek down this path flying that banner.  But time, reflection, and shifting my perspective has brought me to a new place from which to continue each new step along the way.

I no longer see this inevitable journey as one of loss. Though my work continues, an “ah-ha” moment allowed a flip in perspective to occur while this journey continues presenting fresh moments of insight around each corner along the way.  I am now walking a uniquely personal path of change, offering moments reminding me that learning and adapting my personal philosophy and perspective will not end until my physical form transcends into whatever awaits us all.

And though the perspective shift (change vs. loss) is small, it is powerful because it drives the inner feelings created by the thought of growing older.  Embracing “change”, part of a larger natural process, brings peace and a  sense of natural acceptance to circumstances faced daily.  And with such peace and acceptance comes inner calm … calm allowing each day’s moments to be lived in gratitude and greater joy.

Changing into a new me … anticipating with enthusiasm each perceptible alteration.  Applauding the results because it reveals the new me emerging from within.  Embracing and celebrating the change … and walking alongside it as friend not victim.  It is a fresh way … a more joyful cadence of walking the steppingstones of aging.  I hear the clock ticking … and it is a joyful melody …

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