Crossing into the great potential ….

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride! “ — Hunter S. Thompson


The year 2019 recently ended.  The steps I’ve taken on my journey through the year have done the usual … forged change and challenged self-awareness.  Not all has gone smoothly.  Lingering spots needing greater understanding will join me as I cross the boundary into 2020 but overall, I sense more inner peace, feel stronger and more “alive”, and carry with me more joy.

Each day I try to “reset” fears of aging into a genuine embracing of the “adventure of aging gracefully”.  As the Buddhist say, our bodies simply age … it is what our bodies do … but it is how we see and move through it that offers opportunities for joy and growth.  I now joyfully accept each new phase of my life as it is presented … sometimes less successfully than others … but accept them in a spirit of friendship.  I remind myself that life is lived in the moment, and that living life in the future under the shell of fear brings a joyless and uncomfortable life.

And as this 2020 arrives its dawn illuminates a new and quite powerful path I will walk.  My 2019 has prepared me for a new experience that “feels” like a life changer, a life changer I feel called to and seek insight and awareness from.  “Hospice” is this new path’s name and my training in 2019 now prepares me to venture out to help ease the journey being taken by those facing near term death.

This new path lacks clarity because each person’s journey is unique.  It’s this diversity that offers the richness of experience.  Each path I’m granted the honor to travel is significant with each offering the potential to ease another’s journey while sailing in an ocean of emotional richness, connection, and introspection.  Already the feelings from the rich, loving, and emotional training are already intense so I fully anticipate that the experience itself will be even more so.  For me, it will stamp 2020 in bold, loud letters and expand my personal emotional horizons enormously.  Even more, my hope is that whatever I do eases in some way the final journey of another.

So, this year arrives, and I prepare.  Prepare for whatever unfolds.  Prepare for answering a calling.  Prepare for this new, emotional endeavor having an enormous chance to expand my understanding of death and the voyage we each … I … will eventually take.  Service to others while given the gift of insight … yes, a life changer indeed!  And this gift of “opportunity” makes me ever so grateful …

2 thoughts on “Crossing into the great potential ….

  1. Beautifully written and expressed. Shared feelings I encounter myself as my new 7th decade immerges on the horizon. Also love the opening quote by Hunter Thompson. Thank you Steve.

  2. Your endless depth of compassion for others overflows, without bounds, with a spirit and inspiration which touches the souls of so many.

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