“I am repeatedly reminded that life is a constant journey of change and adapting to it.  As I age, I see that I still resist many changes, and delay adapting as I cling to past images and old, self-definitions.  This approach is flawed … so my challenge is to examine and address what is needed to release myself from its bondage so that a more “unencumbered” Me emerges and can grow. A ‘Me’ that is walking alongside change rather than trying to slow its cadence.” – Me


I currently seem to be at a powerful “tipping point” in my life.  It reflects my recognition that time is quickly passing beneath my feet, and assessment of my life is at hand.  It is not a sense of “emergency” but more a sense of something needing attention … something of great importance.  It is not that I haven’t been giving it attention, but a moment came when a perceivable shift recently occurred and the deep, inner energy connected with my approaching end of life moved me to see my life and revisit my journey in a much different way.  This shift in perception remains underway, and the shift is extraordinary and perceivable.

The catalyst has been me gaining and engaging in the outdoors at an intensity finally reflecting my personal alignment with it.  I am immensely connected to nature … a deep, pantheistic connection that gains more and more clarity with each passing day.  It is a critical piece of the deeper Me, now more openly nourished. One comprising my sense of self which simultaneously feeds my soul.  I draw peaceful, inner balance from it, especially important in our current world of COVID, fires, BLM, and negative politics.   And the result is a slow, fresh revealing of my world … a world now perceived different and far richer than before.

Standing and seeing the world around me is now new, offering a richer and deeper composition of elements that stir emotions deep within me unlike before.  And covering all the swirling changes is this overwhelming sense of peace and joy … a sense that a life has been lived richly and with meaning even with periodic flaws of choice.  A life that can now be lived even more joyfully given the clarity of a new, rich understanding of choices.

Is it a sign from some greater cosmic benefactor … a sign that the “end” may be near?  I am unsure, but I believe it is more like a loudly spoken message that it is time to assess my journey, see the gifts among the distractions, see the keys unlocking greater joy, and commit to a remaining life where more moments are spent in intense joy … joy that touches me deeply where such touches rarely reach.

Yes … a tipping point … a moment when the reality experienced just before now is seen in a totally different way, opening one’s eyes to a new vision of the reality of the moment. It is the walk of maturity, growth, aging, and final reconciliation of the steps comprising a life’s journey.  Steps that are becoming increasingly peaceful as I sense a new understanding of the world unfolding around me and its relationship with me.  Steps that sometimes cause me to trip and fall but are now embraced as I am becoming more accepting of the bruises.  Steps that in themselves, in each moment, must be my remaining life and the place I draw a full measure of feelings from since the promise of more steps is not guaranteed.

Life is a dance with change while adapting to that which is revealed during the dance down an unknown path.  Life is seeking joy and once found, keeping the door open to allow a continued flow of such feelings at every moment possible. And I have now found a door that offers me increased richness of joyful, peaceful feelings … a door which I now will keep open.

Yes, a new door is now open … a new clarity revealed … a new life-formula crafted … a new commitment to the intention formed.  It is an exciting way to move from this past year into the next with excitement and optimism.  Unencumbered!

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