Rain …

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore.


The atmospheric river has arrived and passed.  The sounds of its washing over the land tells me that this morning and the day behind it are likely wet and chilly.  Rain has such a wonderful way of finding passage through whatever barriers mere mortals try to erect.  But I will do my best and the rest will simply be life’s “wet spots” carried along until I can shower and change.

Rain is a powerful thing.  It evokes memories long placed on shelves of the past.  It evokes feelings, many that are soft and touching the realm of sadness.  This morning I rest in such a moment … close if not integrated with each character I type or thought I materialize.  Rain “seems” to be the catalyst, offering the magical background rhythm triggering m reflection upon a life lived.  Lived in a window of time called “a life”, and unique to all other windows of all other humans that have come or will arise in the future.

Questions surface … “Has there been purpose?”  “Has there been meaning?”  “Has there been love?”  “Has there been a difference made for the spending of life’s mental and physical energy?” And likely even more questions await reflection as the day progresses.  Are there answers?  Maybe some, but none really exist since life happens … the dance occurs based upon a rhythm set by the choices I make, the feelings they provoke, and the Universe’s creativeness with what occurs.  Yes, I am a passenger on a train to an intended destination.  The challenge (one among many) is to rest in peace with traveling without knowledge of the actual route … traveling while becoming more of an observer of what unfolds then using my “compass” of feelings to make more choices to continue taking me towards my intention or at least in the direction I desire and wish to go.  A process requiring trust and practice … at least for me.

And there is more … but will remain unsaid.   But the juices flow … the mood is present … the song of the rain plays … and the train continues its journey.  The search for understanding will continue even though simply accepting may offer relief.  Using my compass, choices will be made, and I will continue looking for that peaceful place to rest as I continue to change while staring out the window of the train, watching a life unfold.

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