Life’s Tide …

In recent times, my heart overflows with good feelings. My life offers deep, meaningful connections with those from work and in my personal space, and the constant pace of changes in my life seem to be morphing me and moving me to somewhere I’m both meant to stand and offers inner harmony.

But even within such positive experiences filling my days I am reminded today … reminded that life is not only the harmony and good feelings but encounters with discontinuity and discord. Yes, the end result within us we control. Retaining our personal power to frame and define how we take in events in our life is always available but the conditions or stimuli are still what they are, moments of turbulence and contrast resulting from sadness, pain, and sometimes violence.

Today is my day for reminders. From the beginning of today the energy around me has felt “edgy” and even while involved in the joy of helping others, reminders came pouring in. Escalating conflict evolving rapidly into violence rose from what’s usually a peaceful setting. The intensity was brief yet impacting. Overwhelmed by those events I sought time to process away from the turbulence yet was once again presented reminders … reminders of a different sort more directly connected with those in my present or past family spheres. More reminders … more challenges to take in, process, frame in love, and move through me while accepting and seeking opportunities to support and help. I did my best to process and flow with it … to see it as a necessary lesson being taught … but I feel it … I feel the inner drain from using my energy to retain my personal power and not succumb to the events triggering these reminders. The effort continues even as I write, but it all needs time … time to process and move through so that a loving, positive place exists from which to operate. It’s a back-and-forth sensation … like watching the surf roll onto or off the beach as the tides cause their effects. I guess its life’s tide …

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