“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.  Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao-Tzu

Building Personal Power … Ah, how good it feels to build …

Over time and through personal experience I’ve come to believe and trust in setting intentions … a tool useful in manifesting the reality we wish to make.  They are similar to objectives, something I deal with daily in the context of my career and profession.  However, intentions are a bit more than simply objectives.  They are subtly different in how they are expressed and packaged, and are more holistic and internalized within me.  And it is here … in the way I integrate these statements within me … fold them  into my personal fabric of things of what I want in my life … in the process I follow … that I have discovered how to build a sense of creating new personal power.

Recently I went through a process, the idea given me by a close friend.  I reviewed those intentions most meaningful to me and framed them in a new manner.  I am now at a significant turning point in my life and the time seemed right for such a review, and the process of refining the list, revising the words to better reflect my desired reality, and combining photos reflecting that desired reality all seemed right.

As I moved through this process something fascinating occurred … I discovered that each newly framed and packaged intention “felt” different, and that part of that feeling was a deep sense that what is desire will become part of my life in the future.  There was this sense of new “personal power” that now rested within me resulting from my reflecting on the statement, seeing and internalizing the images, and “feeling” the feelings of what being there would be like.  It all created this intense sense of possibility … of reality … of a sense of peace knowing that my desires will manifest themselves … a sense of personal power that I had not experienced before beginning the exercise.  I realized I was building personal power … inner trust in my future and life and forces that will combine to allow me to make choices that will bring about desire effect.  It left me feeling excited inside … energized and optimistic that my life continues on a good course guided by my inner compass … my feelings.  It was all a powerfully fascinating experience which I now repeat daily while taking a few moment each day to calmly go through this package of statements, images, and felt feelings to recharge my belief and awareness to guide choices in the unfolding day ahead.

Building power … something I now have in my tool box carried along with me as I continue down my path.  Something I’ve found powerfully rich for rekindling trust and belief, and refreshing filters used for daily choices.  And going through it … taking those few moments each day to build my power … feels ever so good … J

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