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A close friend … a spiritual partner … recently wrote in her blog about personal power.  She and I have talked many hours about it, and with her help I came to understand the role it plays in navigating my daily steps along my path.  I experienced several “Ah – Ha” moments that revealed to me that my painful reactions to circumstances around me resulted from me giving away my personal power … causing myself to descend into the feelings of powerlessness.  I’ve even written about it in past posts as I began to discover and fit pieces together.  For me, understanding and dealing directly with personal power has given me insights and tools to help move me on my journey … my hike towards a better, happier, and more fulfilled me.

Where initially I had little or no awareness of power and its role and impact, I now see it as a multidimensional condition with tremendous influence.  Once understanding what it meant, it appeared in my world almost daily.  For me, I either am giving it up, working to retain it, or discovering new ways to create it as I move towards my intentions.  Each is driven by the choices I make.

Over the next few posts I’ll discuss my thoughts and experiences in each of these corners of the “power world”.  They all have touched me, created feelings, and caused me to make new choices … a new awareness that I now use to help guide and move me on my journey.

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