“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” – Matsuo Basho

Life in this moment …

Life … how frail and fragile at times. How from one moment to the next we are traveling through a labyrinth where one turn reveals another, and the path revealed may prove to end abruptly or offer continued progress. Where our success is determined more by our willingness to walk blind while listening to our inner voices for guidance than by tenacity. Where our peace is achieve not by reaching the final, desired conclusion but from having walked the steps to arrive to whatever spot within the labyrinth we stand when it is our time to move on. The peace is in the process, not in the achieving, for it is the process we embrace which offers what little control we have in this life. The process comprised of love, kindness, pure intentions, and the desire to seek inner joy.

I now travel some portion of my labyrinth where intersecting paths tell me only of significant change ahead … some carrying fears and some offering lightness. As I quite my mind and listen to my feelings I walk because I must … time and events demand it. My intention is to listen the best I can … choose the best I can … trust the best I can … then let go and travel knowing I’ve offered up myself in the only way possible … to make the good fight, give my best, hold loving intentions, and move through fear. It is a process … a process for living … a process I control even though the resulting events I do not.   It is life … in this moment facing its tunnels and paths within my labyrinth.

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